As light moves across the surface of the glass, facets created during the eco-friendly texturing process, cause the character of the glass to subtly be transformed.

From one point of view the glass will appear muted from another, vibrant and alive. At times it will take on the look of moving water then transition to the look of transparent quarried stone or even pristine ice.

It's this unique interaction with light not found in other types of textured glass that creates the visual beauty of Duncans's   eco-friendly textured glass table tops, counters, art and architectural glass.

sculpted textured glass

light defines a surface . . .

hand crafted - environmentally friendly

sculpted  glass table tops, counters,

art and architectural glass



OCEAN™ temperd glass table top  by Jim Duncan - Duncan Glass - photo by Jim Zaikoski

PRODUCTS - counter 150 x 100 1a

arch-glass-specs 564 x 350 1a

PRODUCTS - art - glass 136 x 100

PRODUCTS - table top 150 x 100 1a

PRODUCTS-custom-embossed-glass 136 x 100





Duncan-Glass-logo-1a-lineal copy 63-72-80
Zaikowski table 1a 1700 x 280
US flag 30 x 43 white
crafted by hand 119-130-132 2a gray

hand crafted

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