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Duncan Glass

by design - surface sculpted and embossed designed glass

Carved Fish 2b2  1000 x 945
Sselective onami 950 x 670 1g
T glass for tab;table tops 500 x 475 1a

for information on ito glass designs contact: Jim Duncan - Duncan Glass


embossed or carved



embossed or carved
combined with the almost rough hewn nature  of the Onami™ cold sculpted texture, an embossed image or design will resemble a fossil or ancient carved petroglyph

a design  created by cold  sculpting specifically defined areas using the Onami cold sculpted texture while leaving other parts of a glass table top or counter un-touched creating a unique well-defined visual statement

ito is the trademark of Duncan Glass. All rights reserved

a fully organic visual effect using a unique combination of clear and textured areas that is allowed  certain freedom during the cold sculpting process. the result often resembles wind swept ocean spray

ito-glass-logo-type-1f4b 929fa0
ito Fish 1b  1700 x 300
Duncan glass carved in relief icon 1b 929fa0
US flag 30 x 43 white
crafted by hand 119-130-132 2a gray

hand crafted

BBB - gray 1a
eco-friendly logo 2d1
email-icon 1c1