Every Onami™ custom textured glass table top is made to order. and because of the organic nature and Eco-friendly surface sculpting texturing process no two Onami textured glass table tops are ever identical

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This 12 ft” x 41/2 ft x 3/4” Onami Crystal™ low iron glass table top is installed on the after deck of the M.Y. Lady Laura out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The installation was designed by Capt. Michael Auer as was the complete re-fit of the Lady Laura.

common table top shapes and seating capacities

 the edge color of Onami Crystal™ textured low iron glass

Onami Crystal glass edge color 3a 455 x 320

142” x 54” Onami Crystal™ low iron glass table top for the M.Y. Lady Laura - Fort Lauderdale

Duncan’s Onami™ textured glass table tops are created by the aggressive almost explosive removal of glass shards from one face.

The result is a faceted organic pattern that is visually re-defined and altered by light.
As light moves across the faceted sculpted surface the visual character of the Onami™ texture is subtly transformed.

From one point of view it will appear to be muted, from another vibrant. From transparent quarried stone to the look of pristine ice, or even moving water.

It's this unique interaction with light not found in other types of textured glass that creates the visual beauty of Onami™ surface sculpted glass table tops.               

Table Top & Richard 1a 450 x 600
Duncan-Glass-Logo-Type 6b2a 929fa0 36pt
onami ocean glass table tops 1a  929fa0 41pt
Duncan Glass

textured clear and low iron custom glass table tops

Ocean top 10a 670 x 400
Ocean top 1a 500 x 650

72” x 42” x 1/2” Ocean tempered glass table with flat polished edges

Zaikowski table 1b 1350 x 250 copy

custom table by Michael Auer Design with 60” textured Onami™ Crystal glass top

AISU logo 929fa0 182 x 100

contact Duncan Glass for design possibilities

Duncan Glass
3-4 Starfire 1 400 x 300

There are two types of glass used for Onami™ and Ocean™ cold textured glass table tops. 1/2” which can be tempered and 3/4” “clear” which has a deep green tint and low iron optically clear.

Though the edges of both clear and low iron optically clear have color the color of the  low iron glass is approximately 50% less than the emerald green tint of ordinary clear glass. (see below for an explanation)

An Onami™ cold textured glass table top made from low iron glass adds the style and visual presence not found in any other type of custom textured glass. 

types of glass are used for Onami™ surface sculpted glass table tops & counters

low iron glass - optically clear

clear glass - green tint

Onami clear glass 1a
Duncan Glass
fabrication options 449 x 332 1a

fabrication options for table tops and counters

Carved Fish 2b2  1000 x 945
Sselective onami 950 x 670 1g
T glass for tab;table tops 500 x 475 1a
ito-glass-logo-type-1f4b 929fa0

surface sculpted and embossed designs for table tops and counters

US flag 30 x 43 white
crafted by hand 119-130-132 2a gray

hand crafted

BBB - gray 1a
eco-friendly logo 2d1
email-icon 1c1