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Duncan surface sculpted glass textures for art & architectural glass, table tops, counters


















Duncan textured glass table tops, counters door and sidelite inserts, art and architectural glass are made by hand using our proprietary surface sculpting texturing process.

The process:
A liquid film of colloidal protein and water is applied to one glass face.

During forced evaporation a bond is created between the two dissimilar materials, the colloidal protein and the glass. When stress is applied in the form of low heat to the dried film the colloidal protein begins to contract. If the bond has been established correctly it proves stronger than the glass it self, causing shards of glass to be literally ripped and torn from the glass surface.

The result is the creation of a pattern of pristine facets that continually react to the movement of light. It's this interaction with light that separates Duncan textured, architectural glass, custom tabletops and counters, art and architectural glass from virtually all other types of textured glass.


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what is surface sculpted glass

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